Magic Tundra was formed in 2014 when Uruguayans Lucia Gomez and Guillermo Pouso settled in Australia to focus on the challenge of creating a 2 piece act.

Involving synths, electric guitars and drum machines, they started working on what later was going to be their first album, “Real Virtual”.

At the same time, they gave shows at venues like “The Espy” (legendary one in Melbourne, Australia), and events such as Oztix official BIGSOUND party (Brisbane, Australia).

In winter of 2015 they returned to South America to record their debut album in Buenos Aires, the city that later became their 2nd home.

A few months ater that, first single of the album, “Las Hamacas”, was released to be later chosen as one of the best 50 Uruguayan tracks of 2015 and played at several radios across the world, including known KEXP from Seattle, Washington.

After taking some time to play gigs across Buenos Aires, Montevideo and the Uruguayan East Coast, as well as working on a 2nd album, Magic Tundra now releases their brand new single “Intuición”.